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   Each family is encouraged to develop their own parenting style based upon their value system.
New parents are empowered to find their own voice.

Since 1973, Bringing Families Together Continues to be Our Mission

P.A.C.E. offers support groups for new mothers as well as for the second time around moms.  Our groups are led by professional mental health educators trained in the fields of infant development, parenting skills, family relationships and group dynamics.  Besides being highly trained professionals, all of our leaders are “seasoned” mothers.  There is a specific topic discussed each week. Some time is set aside so that members may share their experiences and discuss subjects of mutual concern. The group members are encouraged to meet at other times during the week. The combination of education and support works so well that P.A.C.E. group members usually continue to meet on their own after the workshops end.  Some of these P.A.C.E. “communities” have been meeting for over 40 years.

When you join a P.A.C.E. group you have a ready-made community of other new families transitioning into parenthood together.

About Us

In 1973, two mental health professionals started P.A.C.E. in the Washington, DC area after the birth of their first children. Both of the women were new to the DC area and lacked the local family support they grew up with in their hometowns. Recognizing that many other women were in a similar situation, P.A.C.E. was created to connect new mothers to share their common experience. The DC metropolitan area has always been an area inhabited by a transplanted population. Once a baby arrives, new families are usually eager to connect to others to share their common experience.  It was with this premise that P.A.C.E. was created.  All of our leaders, in addition to possessing professional advanced degrees, participated in a P.A.C.E. group when their babies were born.

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P.A.C.E. is a non-profit organization (501C3) which provides educational & emotional support groups for first and second time moms in D.C., NOVA, & Montgomery County, Maryland to promote family well-being. P.A.C.E. does not offer medical, psychological, social work or psychiatric professional services.

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P.A.C.E. has a no refund or cancellation policy.  Missed sessions cannot be prorated or made up.